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Calculeitor is the first hardware meant to be used with the virtual modular environment. It also runs as a stand-alone sequencer

A general purpose interface


The Calculeitor hardware is inspired in the classics of live electronic music improvisation. With 28 back-lit buttons, it allows handling a wide range of modules in the virtual modular environment.

Based on Arduino

To encourage ownership of this product, the hardware is based in the Arduino development environment, for makers to make their own customization. Many of the AtMega 256o unused pins have been connected to modular pins, for you to hack.

Also runs stand-alone

As most music makers prefer not to resource to a computer to perform, a powerful enough microcontroller can handle sequencing and basic operation sequencers. It also has three digital patching connectors, plus a MIDI input/output, for you to connect to other Calculeitors or standard MIDI gear.

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  1. […] Now that the hardware and virtual-modular environment implementation in Javascript is working, it is now open for early interested people to get one Calculeitor and do their own musical experimentation. More info is available at the Calculeitor site in […]

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