Calculeitor is the first hardware ment to be used with the virtual modular environment.

Current features:

  • Connection to the virtual modular environment
  • Parametric creation and transformation of musical patterns
  • Real time looping of events
  • Lets you improvise an electronic music party without needing any pre-recorded pattern
  • Open-source, program your own modules!

Work in progress

Be an early adopter!

I don’t have set up a selling platform yet. To get one, subscribe here and I will get in touch with you briefly.

I suggest that you fill the “Why are you interested?” question, so I can know better how to help you.

Wanted/ future features:

  • Programming of the standalone firmware to work without the computer
  • Creation of native synthesizers (hardware or software)
  • Re-programming of the environment in C++ for better performance

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